1/28 Oakland CA w Lil Raven, Kid Savage, Blvc Svnd @ $HMOPHOUSE


12/16 San Francisco CA The Hard Times Xmas Party @ Thee Parkside

12/12 Dallas TX with Prayers @ Trees

12/11 Houston TX with Prayers @ White Oak Music Hall

12/10 Austin TX with Prayers @ TBA

12/9 San Antonio TX with Prayers @ Paper Tiger

12/7 El Paso TX with Prayers @ Tricky Falls Theater

12/6 Tucson AZ with Prayers @ 191 Toole

12/5 Phoenix AZ with Prayers @ Crescent Ballroom

12/3 Anaheim CA with Prayers @ House of Blues

12/2 Pasadena CA @ Occidental College

12/1 Ventura CA with Prayers @ The Garage

10/30 San Francisco CA with Prayers @ Great American Music Hall

10/28 Oakland CA 1FAM Halloween Show

10/21 Tucson AZ Mexico EarthQuake Fundraiser

8/05 Los Angeles CA (all rap set) with Lil Housephone, Kaly Jay, Rocky G, Nuglife @ The Green Room

7/29 Oakland CA ART PARTY 4

7/19 Queens NY with Tripp Jones, ManKid(drummer of Machine Girl), Wolvves @ HOLO

7/16 Brooklyn NY @ The Glove  for No Flowers for White Powers Fest Day 2

7/15 Brooklyn NY @ Secret Project Robot for No Flowers for White Powers Fest Day 1

6/10 Oakland CA Deport Trump Backyard BBQ w/ Yung Tucson, BabygirlDee, Palomx13

5/26 Oakland CA with Bruja Lyfe, Chulita Vinyl Club, BLK MGK, C&$, and DJ Rosa Pistola @ Starline Social Club

5/04 Whittier CA May The Fourth Festival with Eyeless, Frontera, and Offset

4/23 San Francisco CA with JPEG Mafia, Divisor, Straight Crimes @ Elbo Room

4/22 Los Angeles CA with Chamuco, Oriax, Bipol-Arte @ South Central backyard

4/21 Los Angeles CA with Show Me The Body, Dreamcrusher, Neza @ k-town cafe

4/20 Los Angeles CA with Nuglife, Kwesi @ Secret Warehouse

3/31 Oakland CA with Kate Mo$$, Crimewave 5150, SHOPBOYZ @ 1fam outdoors

3/24 Tucson AZ with Kate Mo$$, Crimewave 5150 @ Manson Tunnels

3/23 Tucson AZ with Kate Mo$$, Crimewave 5150 @ 191 Toole

3/22 Phoenix AZ with Crimewave 5150, Kate Mo$$ @ Masters Chambers

3/18 Long Beach CA with Crimewave 5150 @ House Party

3/16 Los Angeles CA with SPEAKS, Dream Panther, Goth Money Records @ The Echo

2/4 Los Angeles CA with Venus X, Chhoti Maa, Ratch & Skum @ Private Warehouse


12/16 Los Angeles CA with GirlPusher, Kate Mo$$, Coneja @ Descontrol

12/1 Los Angeles CA Happiness as Resistance with Ni Santas @ The Smell

11/10 Los Angeles CA Nu Groundz NYC with G Les Sky, Gnarianna @ WERK LA

11/5 Long Beach CA ComplexCon Party with KATE MO$$, Crimewave5150 @ Private Address

10/22 Portland OR Bruja War Tour with The Brujas @ The Punk House

10/20 Oakland CA Bruja War Tour with The Brujas @ Goodfellas Warehouse

10/15 Los Angeles CA Bruja War Tour with The Brujas @ WERK LA

10/7 Los Angeles CA with DrippinSoPretty, LittleGirl420, Nick Blanco @ DayDream Warehouse

10/1 San Francisco CA with Show Me The Body @ Scholar Tattoo

9/30 Oakland CA with Show Me The Body, Glitter @ Sutro Bath Caves

7/30 Oakland CA Black Lives Matter Event @ PRIME

7/23 Oakland CA with SPEAKS, Kawasaki Papi, Death Am. @ ABCO Oakland

7/23 San Francisco 20th Annual Urban Youth Arts Festival @ Precita Park

7/15 San Francisco ART PARTY 3 @ Fort Funston

6/26 Los Angeles CA with Craig Xen, Kate Mo$$, Girl Pusher @ TRASHVIBE

6/26 Los Angeles CA with Craig Xen, Kate Mo$$, Girl Pusher @ TRASHVIBE 

6/19 North Hollywood CA Parking Lot Pop Up Show

6/18 Oakland CA with Craig Xen, Death Amphetamine @ ABCO Oakland

5/20 Los Angeles CA with Horse Head, Lil Nat, Girl Pusher @ Warehouse DTLA

5/14 Oakland CA Deport Trump Party @ Venue Oakland

4/28 Los Angeles CA with Kate Mo$$ & Ho99o9 @ Secret Warehouse

4/22 Oakland CA Anarchist Book Fair @ Downtown Oakland 28th & Magnolia

3/19 Oakland CA with Princess Nokia for Cemanahuac Rises Tour @ Oakland Terminal

3/12 Hayward CA with RVMIRXZ, Drozee@ Heart of Bay Venue, 2551 Winton Ave

3/6 Oakland CA HYPHADELIC FEST with Goth Money Records, Bummy Buster, Create Skate, FTP, @ 7th St Outdoor Venue

 2/13 Oakland CA with Killstation for Logged In @ Suru Clothing Downtown Oakland.

2/5 Oakland CA Hyphy Punk First Friday with Baby Gucci, Mini Van Klan, Bummy Buster & Nia Love @ 8500 Duane St.

1/18 Oakland CA MLK Day BBQ with NUGLIFE, Rocky G, Nia Love, Kaly J & More

1/2 San Jose CA with Larry June "Sock It To Me" Tour @ Au Lang Warehouse

1/1 Oakland CA with NDGO SOSA, Esquire Ali @ Hyphy Punk Warehouse


12/31 San Francisco (DJ Set & Drums) with Keith Jenkins, Lil B, Kool John, AshleyAllDay

11/6 Oakland CA Yung Tucson "Monsoon Season" Private Event @ 7th St Venue

10/24 Oakland CA with Keith Jenkins, Larry June, Bummy Buster, @ 1Fam Outdoor Venue

10/12 Oakland CA Album Release Party @ Secret Location

9/18 Oakland CA with Radkey @ Leo's Club

6/20 Berkeley CA with Esquire Ali, Keith Jenkins, Bummy Buster @ Golden n Gifted

3/21 San Francisco CA with Keith Jenkins @ Thee Parkside


12/19 Peteluma CA (DJ Set) with Lil B "the Based God" & Keith Jenkins

10/17 Los Angeles CA with Ratking, Antwon, Larry Susan @ Jewels Catch One

10/9 Brooklyn NY with Pradamane & Wiki @ Palisades


12/27 Aoyama JA with Metro Zu, Loota @ GRID

12/22 Harajuku JA with Metro Zu @ Privilege Tokyo

12/15 Tokyo JA with Metro Zu @ OTO 

11/28 Tokyo JA with Lofty305 @ Saloon (Osiris Release Party)

11/16 Chigasaki JA with Lofty305, K.A.N.T.A. @ AIZAC


10/31 Los Angeles CA (DJ Set) with Lofty305 @ H.A.M.

10/25 Oakland CA with Lofty305, Karman @ Studio361

9/15 Brooklyn NY with Metro Zu, Little Pain, & MFK @ 285 Kent

9/8 Brooklyn NY with Metro Zu, Twiggy Rasta Masta, MFK @ Knitting Factory

7/13 La Jolla, CA (DJ Set) with Lil B "The Based God", Stunnaman @ Porter's Pub

6/11 Miami FL with Twiggy Rasta Masta, Stix, T.O.N.E. @ Churchills Pub

5/10 Santa Ana CA (DJ Set) with Lil B "The Based God", Stunnaman @ The Observatory

5/1 Hollywood CA with Nic Goose, Responsible Wayne @ Dragon Fly Bar

3/27 Hollywood CA (DJ Set) with Ruben Slikk, Mike G, Nic Goose @ Dragon Fly Bar